Kultige Prop Art von Folkenstal

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Im Shop der international bekannten Schweizer Cosplayerin und Prop Makerin Folkenstal findest du einzigartige Geschenke von bleibendem Wert.

100 % handmade, limitierte Auflagen; Pop-Kultur Kunst vom Feinsten!

Tipp: ganz schnell bestellen, damit der Versand noch klappt!

Animal Crossing Fossil:

You dug up a fossil!
Let’s see what fossil it really is by bringing it to Blathers!
A nice prop to set up as garden decoration or put it on display on your shelf. Comes with a free blank recipe card.

Mythosaur Pendant:

The Mythosaur, a well-known symbol for Mandalorians is now available as pendant. Don’t miss out on having one of those!
This is a 98% genuine lead-free pewter (tin/copper) pendant, hand-sculpted, real metal cast, and weathered right here in my workshop!

Nordic Wolf Statue:

An old nordic wolf totem that inhabits the spirit of a werewolf.
It glows in the dark!
Howling up towards the sky, this wolf totem loves the full moon. Best to be placed where the moon is in full view at night.
Doesn’t guarantees to give you werewolf transformations, but it’s nice to look at it, right?

Beskar Ingots:

The only metal a Mandalorian wants and needs.
Here are some Beskar steel ingots for you to make your own armor.
They’re thick, super solid, and weigh nicely in the hand.
A nice prop to trade with others or just to put on display.

Skyrim Glowing Mushrooms Bowl:

A small rock decorated with 5 Glowing Mushrooms as seen in Blackreach.
All of it in a marble style bowl decorated with gold highlights to add to your alchemy shelf.
The mushrooms glow in the dark!