Heidi vs Zombies

A «Zombimedie» based on the adventures of the Swiss national hero, Heidi.

Heidi vs Zombies, is the first collab between Artist JP Kalonji and Swissfilmaker duo Cardinaux/Ruiz. Story is by Jean-Paul Cardinaux, based on an orignal idea from Xavier Ruiz and the drawings are from JP Kalonji.

JP Kalonji is a multi talented painter, illustrator and comic book artist. Currently working in Geneva, he has worked in New York, London and Japan. In 2009 he signed with Dark Horse Comics in the U.S. and released 365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice, acclaimed by critics and rapidly sold out.  The same year, he was a guest at the Comic-Con, the largest comic convention in the world, alongside renowned masters such as Mike Mignola,creator of Hellboy.

The full team will be at booth, the 3 days and looking forward meeting you. HEIDI VS ZOMBIES will be available at Fantasy Basel in German, English and French, and we will also have some artwork and goodies based on the comic book.