Wrestling Academy Rorbas

The Wrestling Academy Rorbas celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Since the beginning they offer the training to become a wrestler, promote the respective talents and organize wrestling events all over Switzerland. Thanks to their worldwide contacts, they are always able to call on renowned guest coaches and establish connections with other international wrestling leagues. As a result, many wrestling students have been able to perform throughout Europe and even gain a foothold in the biggest US league.

At FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con, their wrestling talents will clash and compete for the Fantasy Basel Champion title in the three show blocks each day. Get involved in the wonderful world of wrestling, cheer your heroes, boo the villains, be captivated by the sporty show matches, and push the wrestlers to top performances, high-flying action and brawls outside the ring.

You can get more information after the show blocks at the meet & greets with the actors, have your picture taken with the wrestling stars, sign up for trial trainings or find out about the biggest wrestling school in Switzerland.