FANTASY BASEL - The Swiss Comic Con

The Festival for Movie, Game, Comic and Cosplay Fans!
26. –28.05.2022 Basel, Switzerland

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We’ve got plenty in store for you – stars, movies, games, comics, cosplay, YouTubers, web series, sci-fi, TV series, live art, science, fantasy, science fiction, exhibitions, e-sports, game and graphic design, art, street art, illustration, virtual reality, cinema films, TV series, animation films, film characters, props, comics, books, manga, anime, cosplay, 3/4D, brand environments, experience environments, edutainment, infotainment, consumer electronics, role play, tabletops, trading card games, steampunk and much more.

Viktor Bogdanović

The internationally successful comic artist creates the new visual of FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con 2021!