Ulrich Schröder


Porträt: © EHAPA – Photo Kirsten Breustedt

Comic artist Ulrich Schröder is back at Basel!

The most famous comic hero in the world has been flowing from his pen for over 30 years: Donald Duck.

The great Disney artist Carl Barks was always his role model. Ulrich Schröder is one of the most famous Disney artists in the world today. After his first years at Disney Germany, Ulrich Schröder was engaged as an art director at Disney Paris for 20 years. He founded Studio Duckworks, which works closely with Disney’s European headquarters and trains draftsmen.

Today he works as a freelancer for Disney and draws comics and covers of Mickey Mouse booklets.

We are very happy to welcome this likeable artist back to FANTASY BASEL! Don’t miss the chance to get a personal Donald sketch from Ulrich Schröder!