The “blue hour” lays over the old, formerly Roman city of Basilea.

It is the time between night and day, in which the peaceful silence is accompanied only by the sound of the quiet babbling river. Man and animal asleep, swaying in safety and unsuspecting what danger threatens them.

Quietly, three ships cut through the waters of the Rhine, gliding through the mist. Silent oar strokes bring the certain death.

The ships are commanded by the three great warriors, Isolfur the Ice Wolf,
the berserker Alfur Bjarki Mattur and the Raven Warrior Blar. With them travel the best, strongest and most bloodthirsty warriors and shieldmaidens of Odin’s elite troops.
Together, the dragon boats form the army of Torgus Caturix, a Vikings’ great clan who marches through Helvetia …

So beware of Isolfur, his warriors and shieldmaids!