Thomas Vaucher

A time of fire and of swords, a time for heroes! For the enemy wears a uniform of blood, a weapon of suffering – and his heart knows no mercy.

The foreign warriors come from across the Great Ocean, attacking without warning or mercy. To the horror of all, they are accompanied by those who seemed to have been eradicated for hundreds of years and whose power is superhuman: the casters.

In this grave hour, the kings of the Darian Empire gather to confront the invaders. But the enemy does not only come from the outside: Assassins and schemers seek to take advantage of the impending war and have their own plans of power and wealth.

Thomas Vaucher, born in 1980, is an author, musician, actor and teacher. “Die Rückkehr der Wirker” is the author’s fantasy debut and marks the beginning of the epic fantasy series ” Das Lied der Macht.”

He will be available for autographs at the Orell Füssli booth on Saturday.