«Space – today & tomorrow»

Swiss Space Museum


This year, the Swiss Space Museum presents the exhibition “Space – today & tomorrow” at FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con. Space travel and space research of today is on display. And we look into the near future.

On display are, among other things, a replica of a SpaceX spacesuit, a model of the Falcon 9 rocket, which has already brought astronauts to the International Space Station ISS several times. Also on display are a model of the Starship, Elon Musk’s latest rocket, and a Starship debris piece from a test flight.


Furthermore, a full-size model of the CHEOPS space telescope will be on display in the exhibition. CHEOPS is the first ESA mission to be led by Switzerland. Also on display are various parts and prototypes of ESA’s BepiColombo spacecraft, which is currently en route to the planet Mercury.

Finally, a Russian spacesuit, flown rocket parts and various artifacts related to the American Space Shuttle will be on display.