Red-Pym Cosplay

Patrick aka Red-Pym Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2016 and is best known internationally for his high-quality Ant-Man cosplays. Originally from the living history scene, the Basler has been working for many years as a consultant and outfitter for national and international film, television and theatre productions such as Largo Winch 2, Walking to Paris, as well as in the shadow of the castle, Anno 1914 and HD Läppli.

The trained model maker mainly uses PVC for his fantastic props and mostly sews leather into authentic suits. For the technical upgrading of the suits, up to 12 motors and dozens of LEDs are sometimes used.

At this year’s Fantasy Basel, Red-Pym will present the world premiere of all Ant-Man cosplays from 1962 to 2019 as well as many film props from the Marvel universe from phases 2 to 4.