International stars, exhibitions and top-class panels – look forward to a super exciting anniversary programme!

Exciting exhibits such as the Iron Throne Experience with the Iron Throne of GoT, Star Wars Fan Props, Indiana Jones 30 years, Harry Potter Specials, «Lift off to Space» (Swiss Space Museum), over 200 artists, a hall dedicated to gaming and eSport, a Cosplay District, a Japan Village, Tattoo Art, various action zones and many more awaits you in 2019 in Basel!

Online Booklet 2019

Our motto continues to be

“The universe is the limit!”

Just as our imagination knows no bounds, our supporting programme breaks down the boundaries between pop culture, science fiction and science. The term “fantasist” was long seen as negative, but today we know that creative people who can think out of the box are the very individuals who will be designing and shaping the future of our planet. Life takes place in parallel in the real and virtual worlds. Cosplayers, comic freaks, gamers and film fans have always been interested in fantasy and science fiction, and are also open to scientific topics. Which fantasies will become reality in the future and how soon? Is artificial intelligence a threat? Is the universe full of life? We look forward to an exciting supporting programme and to meeting all the exhibitors and artists taking part in FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con 2019.