Maurizio Manzieri



Maurizio Manzieri at FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con 2020

Maurizio Manzieri was born in Naples and began his artistic career working as a graphic artist in advertising. Today Maurizio is a professional illustrator based in Turin, who specializes in surreal worlds of the imagination he keeps expanding his collaborations in the fantastic field.

His artwork has appeared on countless covers of leading European and international publishing companies – Mondadori, Bragelonne, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s SF, Analog, ImagineFX, MacMillan, Putnam/ Berkley, PYR, Prime Books, Subterranean Press. His paintings have been periodically chosen for annuals, including Spectrum, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, and Infected by Art.

Maurizio created the Visuals of the ZURICH GAME SHOW 2018 and 2019 and also of the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con 2016.

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