Maurizio Manzieri

Hall 2.1, Booth 510

The Fantastic Art is coming to Basel

Maurizio Manzieri, the creator of the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con Visual 2016, is a professional illustrator based in Turin, who specializes in surreal worlds of the imagination. His artwork has appeared on uncountable covers of leading international publishing companies and magazines: Mondadori, Bragelonne, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s SF, Analog, ImagineFX, MacMillan, Putnam/ Berkley, PYR, Prime Books and Subterranean Press.
In 2016 he created our visual by drawing a steampunk version of the city of Basel with characters inspired by Alice in Wonderland. 2018 he also created the visual of the ZURICH GAME SHOW. This year, he was selected as a Visual Artist for the international event CARTOONS ON THE BAY 2019, the Children’s Television Animation Festival promoted by the Italian public broadcasting company RAI Com ( Now, Maurizio returns back to FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con as our guest of honor, holding panels, signing artwork and giving out autographs as well as tips and tricks! Ci vediamo a maggio, Maurizio!