Markus Laemlé

Verein Schweizer Phantastikautoren

Hall 2.1, Booth 551

Reading on Book Stage
Saturday, 11.30

Markus Laemlé gives an exclusive insight into the not yet published novel manuscript of the science fiction trilogy Meta-Rigs.

He reports in his novel, how alien creatures – aliens? – threaten the world,  how androids develop a dangerous life of their own and how the balance of reality and fiction mysteriously falters.

A conspiratorial community discovers their supernatural forces; a military special unit partly under the hypnotic spell of the enemy, and a mythical creature face up to the superior power that wants to change or completly wipe out mankind forever with an uncanny process. In this struggle for survival play a few old manuscripts of the protagonist – fact or fiction? – an important role that provides clues to the community friends. The realization: Writers should be careful what they write for stories; they could suddenly come true …