Kristina Suomela Björklund

Verein Schweizer Phantastikautoren

Hall 2.1, Booth 551

Reading on Book Stage
Saturday, 17.00

Märit and her colleagues from the “Schicksal” publishing house receive a visit from an elderly lady. 

She tells them a previously unrevealed story about the witch trials in Ångermanland and wants them to write it down for them. After the lady’s visit, nightmares begin for Märit, who feel as real as if they were actually experiencing them.

In her dreams, she lives in a hut in Torsåker at a time when children were forced by priests to accuse women of witchcraft for taking them to Blåkulla to pay a visit to the devil. Kristina reads from her book “Karne – der Schrei vom Hexenberg” and briefly tells what happened in Sweden during the terrible witch trials 1668 – 1676.