Cosplay Information

Cosplayers welcome!

We look forward to many cosplayers from home and abroad!
Visitors, please note our cosplay respect code. 

There is no obligation to wear a costume.

Information on requirements regarding the current Corona situation is continuously listed here.
At the moment everything seems unclear and a bit complicated.
But we are sure that we will find good solutions so that you can wear your costumes in Basel.

Cosplay despite the ban on full face coverings?

In a vote, the Swiss electorate adopted a “ ban on full facial coverings”.

We are currently receiving various inquiries as to whether cosplay costumes that also cover the face are still allowed despite this ban on covering. In Basel, there was a so-called masking ban on public property in previous years. So nothing really changes for cosplayers who want to come to Basel: As before, the people in the costumes should be recognizable on public land, in shops, and on public transport.

What makes it a bit complicated at the moment is the mask requirement regarding Corona. We are not allowed to cover ourselves up, but we have to wear a mask (‘-‘). And this mask should be a common hygiene mask and not a cosplay work of art, otherwise, there will also be problems. Whether all visitors have to wear a hygiene mask is still open, including what this would mean for cosplayers. But we assume that we will find a coherent solution for everyone. There is of course no mask requirement on stage and there will be cosplay contests in October. Common sense will guide us through this mess…

For security reasons, as before, you are generally not allowed to enter shops, banks, or restaurants with a full cosplay mask and of course, our weapons regulations must also be observed: We don’t want you to be liable for the costs of a large-scale police operation.

Anyway: Costumes that cover the whole face should ideally be built in such a way that the headboard can only be put on at the fair. This has worked without any problems in recent years. Cosplay headgear is also allowed within the exhibition grounds and anyone who only walks from the parking garage across the square to the exhibition center will not have any problems. If a vaccination card has to be checked, we should of course be able to assign the person to the card. In the case of ‘delicate’ costumes, it is advisable to register in advance – this makes checking easier. By the way, under the given circumstances, we will again ensure that entry controls are carried out quickly.

Anyone who has difficulties or questions during the costume production is welcome to contact us:

As before, we have changing rooms and make-up tables available on-site, and a cloakroom has also been set up.

Of course, we inform the authorities and public transport companies every year; we can therefore assume a sensible interpretation of the ‘new’ regulations because all of Basel is looking forward to our Con and you!