Cosplay Information

Cosplayers welcome!

We look forward to many cosplayers from home and abroad!
Visitors, please note our cosplay respect code. 

There is no obligation to wear a costume.

Information on requirements regarding the current Corona situation is continuously listed here.

Cosplay on Arrival:

As before, people in costume should be visible on public property, in stores and on public transportation. For security reasons, generally as before, no stores, banks or restaurants may be entered wearing a full cosplay mask and of course our weapons regulations must be observed: After all, we don’t want you to be liable for the costs of a large-scale police operation.

Anyway: Costumes that cover the whole face should ideally be built in such a way that the head part can be taken off at the entrance. This has worked without any problems in the last years. Since an identity card has to be checked, we should of course be able to match the person to the card. For “tricky” costumes it is therefore recommended to register in advance – then the entrance control will be easier.

If you have any difficulties or questions regarding the costume production, please do not hesitate to contact us:

As before, there will be changing rooms as well as make-up tables available on site, and there will also be a clothes dump/wardrobe.
Of course, we inform the authorities and the public transport companies every year; we can therefore assume a reasonable interpretation of the regulations, because Basel is looking forward to our Con and to you!