The Largest "Middle-earth Collection" in the World

Greisinger Museum

Location: Podium 1

Time: Saturday, 2 p.m.

Language: German

The Greisinger Museum is located in eastern Switzerland, to be precise in Jenins, a region characterized by viticulture in the canton of Graubünden. Since October 2013, its doors are open to fans and friends of Middle-earth. It houses the Greisinger Collection (GC), Bernd Greisinger’s private collection on “Middle Earth”, the world’s largest and most important of its kind. It primarily comprises art and literature as well as collection pieces. 600 original paintings by over 70 artists (including Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith, Roger Garland, Hildebrandt Brothers, and many others) make up the largest and most significant collection of Tolkien’s Middle-earth painting ever. There are also original signed books and valuable first editions. The museum has no official opening hours. You can visit  only as part of a guided tour. The museum offers guided tours with max. 14 people in German, French, Italian or English. Take the opportunity to visit the sbooth of the Greisinger Museum in the event hall.