Dorothe Zürcher

Verein Schweizer Phantastikautoren

Hall 2.1, Booth 551

Reading on Book Stage
Saturday, 10.30

Wrong luck – reading from the dystopia “The gamma smile”

“A society only works with happy people. Some people, however, must be forced to their happiness.”

In a future Europe, scientists prove that only happy citizens guarantee the survival of humanity. The tuner, an implant at the back of the head, manipulates the nerves, the carrier imagines himself in an eternally happy state.

Anyone who refuses to use the refiner is banished. Sendre rebels against this system – Naidu finally feels happy. A fight for friendship and love breaks out in a world where no deviations are allowed.

The author reads from the book. She explains how she came up with the idea and how she implemented it.