Cosplay Contests 2021

Also in 2021, cosplay events and contests will take place on all 3 days in front of an international jury. New at the Swiss Cosplay Contest is a wildcard for the Cosplay Contest at the Vienna Comic Con!

We also thank our cosplay partner Bernina for the great support!

The Cosplay Events Contests take place again on the big stage. The Cosplay Contests are among the highlights of FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con!

We have great prizes for the winners, which will be announced continuously. But the most important thing is; have fun and joy, as a cosplayer as well as a spectator!

So that the contests do not last endlessly, the number of participants is limited.

Important information: No weapons that could be confused with real firearms are allowed. More details about it here and here.

We understand cosplay as an art in the gaming and film sector: Advertising figures of products or companies are neither admitted to the contests nor to the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con in general.

Open Catwalks for Spontaneous Cosplayers

On all three days of FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con there will be Open Catwalks for all cosplayers. If you want to present your cosplay on stage without a performance, you can also participate in the catwalks after the contests and win great prizes! Registration is possible on site directly at the main stage, but the number of participants is limited.


Friday, 8.10.2021

FANTASY BASEL Cosplay Happening

Let’s celebrate the joy of cosplay! No matter if you want to show a little show or just present your costume – we are looking forward to exciting and happy moments. Also experience our international cosplay guests on stage!

Cosplay Happening: We start the evening with the Cosplay Happening. On Friday, the focus is on fun; from beginners to long-time cosplayers: all are welcome. Sign up and show your cosplay on the big Main Stage and get tips from our international cosplay guests backstage afterwards. You can win a Bernina sewing machine worth CHF 895.- and other prizes via public voting! 

Kids Contest: At the end of the Cosplay Happening, the youngest cosplayers can also take to the stage: great prizes and goodies are waiting for you (registration on site directly at the stage).

Take part:


1st place:

Special Prizes

Saturday, 9.10.2021

International Cosplay Contest

The big cosplay contest for national and international cosplayers is all about the thrilling performance. Stage your costume and show the audience your cosplay in action! Our international jury will judge the performance and the costume. Besides the main prizes, there will be special prizes for the best craftsmanship and the best performance!

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1st place (overall ranking):

2nd place (overall ranking):

3nd place (overall ranking):

Special prizes

Cosplay Groups (the winning group will receive per group member):

Sunday, 10.10.2021

Swiss Cosplay Contest

The Swiss Cosplay Contest is also about performance this year! The jury will judge costume and performance. Besides the main prizes, there are special prizes for the best craftsmanship and the best performance!

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1st place (overall ranking):

2nd place (overall ranking):

Special prizes



FANTASY BASEL Cosplay Happening

At the Swiss Cosplay Happening it’s not the jury that decides, but the audience! We celebrate the joy of cosplay! No matter if you want to perform a little show or just present your costume – we are looking forward to a lot of fun on and off stage. 

With the FANTASY BASEL Cosplay Happening we want to give all cosplayers the opportunity to show domestic and foreign guests and visitors how unique our cosplay community is. Winning is not the most important thing but taking part.

* Only self-made costume parts will be part of the rating. Bought or unworked parts will not be included in the rating.

** Props are all those parts that coherently complement the cosplay and can be removed without damaging the cosplay.

International Cosplay Contest & Swiss Cosplay Contest

The jury consists of our international cosplay guests!

Judging will be based on costume* (50%) and presentation/performance (50%). Present your character, amaze the jury with some roleplay, make your robe twirl or your armor jingle! We are already looking forward to a rousing and unique cosplay experience.

Costume judging will focus on the following criteria: Accuracy, Finishing Details, Complexity and Techniques, Material Choices, and Overall Jury Appreciation.

For performance judging, the following criteria apply for evaluation: Acting and Staging, Quality and Use of Media and Props**, Creativity and Entertainment, Coherence and Skit Understanding, and Overall Performance Appreciation.


Please fill out the entry form and send it in together with an original picture of your character (not of the cosplay!). In case of own creation, a detailed sketch must be submitted. Cosplay of promotional characters is prohibited. The original image is the primary criterion for evaluating likeness. This should show the character completely from the front/back/side. For the presentation of your character you can bring your own music. Please send us the audio file correctly cut when you register.

Please send your registration to

The following minimum requirements apply here: 

Registration deadline: September 25, 2021

When registering, please let us know on which days you will be present and/or in which contest you would like to participate. We will then make a pre-selection based on the information provided and send further information to the selected cosplayers – the selected participants will be announced on September 26, 2021, at the latest. Our scouts will also hand out some “wild cards” at the festival. Our international jury will judge the cosplayers backstage at the event. The award ceremony will take place on the big stage. Please send your audio file together with the registration form (videos are not possible). Cosplayers without their own music will receive neutral background music on stage. All participants will receive a stage performance at the award ceremony.

Video recordings:

We will record the contests and publish them on YouTube.