Swiss Garrison – The 501st Legion

Swiss Garrison

The 501st Legion

Swiss Garrison is the Swiss representative of The 501st Legion, the official global STAR WARS fan club of LucasFilm and Disney. Also this year, the Swiss Garrison receives visitors from abroad. Garrisons from all over Europe have heard about the unique atmosphere at FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con and have announced their arrival.

We can therefore look forward to a very large number of Stormtrooper & Co.! Welcome 501st Legion in Basel!

The 501st Legion – Swiss Garrison is committed to present the history and costumes of the STAR WARS films to the public and, above all, to give kids the opportunity to experience the characters from the movies in real life. Charity is a priority because the 501st Legion is a non-profit club. In addition to member activities, they offer a Galactic Academy for young people under 18.