Itashas are the ultimate proof of a true anime fan!

Whether it’s a sports car, motorcycle or mini – they exist in all sorts of variations!

In Japan, there has long been a trend among hardcore fans to decorate cars with favorite characters. The Network of German and European Itasha e.V. was founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing Itasha owners together and sharing experiences across Europe. Since then, the scene has been growing steadily and the group organizes exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. They are also already known beyond Europe and have been featured several times in a Japanese Itasha magazine.


At FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con you can experience the members’ Itashas and talk to them about their passion for these great cars.

Pa-Kua – Die Kunst der 8 Wandlungen


Once again, the Pa-Kua masters from Basel will take part in Fantasy Basel – The Swiss Comic Con. 

In various workshops you can learn the art of swordplay, archery and fighting. Bring your own weapons or train with our traditional weapons. Attention: The places for the workshops are limited and experience fast filled. 

To get a small insight into the extensive Pa-Kua disciplines, we invite you to our daily demonstrations. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Chinese arts. We look forward to seeing you.

Gladius et Codex

Gladius et Codex

“Gladius et Codex” is an association that practices medieval martial arts based on historical models. 

We train mainly with German Longswords, but this sport includes all common in the Middle Ages hand weapons, including unarmed combat.

At the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con we give an insight into different weapon types and stages of the training. From rehearsal to free fight we show what’s behind it.

Lasergame Schweiz

Lasergame Schweiz

Lasertag und Arrow Tag

Lasertag in extraordinary worlds

On more than 1400 square meters of playing area the big lasertag fun rises in Zofingen. The four game arenas with the themes Jungle, End Times, House Maze and Surreal Area offer an extraordinary and exciting background for the action-packed game. The arenas can be used individually or together.

Arrow Tag with bow and arrow

At Lasergame Switzerland in Zofingen also Arrow Tag – or Archery Tag – is played. Here you try with (padded) bow and arrow to draw the opposing team out of the fray. Previous experience in archery is not necessary; the instructors will introduce the handling of bow and arrow on site.

Wrestling Academy Rorbas

Wrestling Academy Rorbas

The Wrestling Academy Rorbas celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Since the beginning they offer the training to become a wrestler, promote the respective talents and organize wrestling events all over Switzerland. Thanks to their worldwide contacts, they are always able to call on renowned guest coaches and establish connections with other international wrestling leagues. As a result, many wrestling students have been able to perform throughout Europe and even gain a foothold in the biggest US league.

At FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con, their wrestling talents will clash and compete for the Fantasy Basel Champion title in the three show blocks each day. Get involved in the wonderful world of wrestling, cheer your heroes, boo the villains, be captivated by the sporty show matches, and push the wrestlers to top performances, high-flying action and brawls outside the ring.

You can get more information after the show blocks at the meet & greets with the actors, have your picture taken with the wrestling stars, sign up for trial trainings or find out about the biggest wrestling school in Switzerland.

Airsoftclub Nordwestschweiz

Airsoftclub Nordwestschweiz

Experience the Airsoftclubs from Basel with a lot of fun, trainings and events in different corners of Switzerland as well as in the nearby fields of the neighboring countries.
At the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con they allow everyone to get a taste of some “airsoft air” on a shooting course. In addition, the sport as well as the equipment will be explained and displayed by experts.

Galactic Alliance

Galactic Alliance

The Galactic Alliance lands like every year on the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con!

Their members are looking forward to philosophizing with you about alien galaxies, time paradoxes and everything that is out of this world. 

Since 2003, the Galactic Alliance is the club and meeting point for science fiction and fantasy in all its facets and have been there since the first FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con.



a tribute to a galaxy far, far away – star wars fan film

Swiss cinema at FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con 2021!

On Saturday, 9 October at 13:30, we will celebrate the world premiere of the STAR WARS fan film RENEGADE – a tribute to a galaxy far, far away – star wars fan film on our Movie Stage in Hall 1.0!
This no-budget short film follows former Jedi Knight Rubera, who has been cheated of her revenge and steers straight into the clutches of the dark side of the Force.

Produced by Schreiber Film in 6 shooting days by STAR WARS fans for STAR WARS fans, the film presents exciting characters as well as its own soundtrack.

We are excited about a unique STAR WARS fan experience and look forward to this premiere!!!





Nerd and geek culture in Swiss german!

The colorful pile of CouchFlux sends signals from its pop culture satellite at irregular intervals. They hype, argue and get along again. Take a look inside and discuss in their main hub with live streams on Facebook, search for Instagram worthy impressions, or find the first part of the story on YouTube. These are just a few of more than thousand ideas still slumbering in the couch as they travel from one world to the next, while giving life-saving inputs for you.