Layerlunar aka Leya Luna is a graphic designer and illustrator from Zurich. Her diverse illustration styles range from cute to realistic, with her most passionate about comic / children’s book styles. Art prints, stickers, zines, and more can be found at her booth as well as in her Etsy shop.

For the third time, you can find Layerlunar together with her talented artist colleague Aaoyuna at the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con 2021. Both are looking forward to your visit to their joint artist booth!

Ziki Nelson

Ziki Nelson is a comic book writer and co-founder of “Kugali”, an arts and animation company that showcases the best African stories using comics, art, animation and augmented reality.

Ziki’s debut graphic novel “Iku” follows the plight of a cursed warrior set in 13th century West Africa. He recently published his second work “Nani”, a fantasy set in Nigeria that follows two sisters who end up in a world inspired by African myths and legends.

Anson Aguirre Firth

Anson Aguirre Firth

Anson Aguirre Firth is a traditional ink and brush illustrator from Mexico City, who now lives in Vienna.

With his love for sci-fi movies and fantasy creatures as well as his passion for art, he draws all kind of creatures; from dinosaurs and dragons to sea monsters and aliens. 

Anson shows his work at different conventions across Europe and the United States. 

Olivier Samter

Olivier Samter works as a freelance illustrator and animator in Zurich. His work has been published in various newspapers and magazines, including the “Tages-Anzeiger”, the “Annabelle” and the “Zürichsee-Zeitung”. Last year he published the newspaper comic “Nina Winter Wolf” and his autobiographical work “Broken” on the aftermath of a breakup. In 2019, the Albert Koechlin Foundation awarded him the Young Film Award for Central Switzerland.


melinjin is a swiss game designer and illustration artist based in Winterthur.

She has a fable for characters and creatures, which she just can’t stop to ink on paper. Therefore, it’s about time that she is finally showing her work to an awesome audience at the FANTASY BASEL – Swiss Comic Con.

By the way: melinjin is madly in love with the word „Bär“, so if you’re at her booth and say it to her, she might give you a free sticker…


Zhillustrator (Živko Kondić) is a freelance artist from Serbia. His artwork brings to light a timeless alternate world of nature, color and rural themes intersected with hints of technology. It’s often expressed through a loose, vibrant painterly style on the verge of impressionism that’s become his trademark.

He has been a part of several conventions in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus etc. This will be his first time in Switzerland. Seize the opportunity and ask for a commissional work!