Vollkornbroetli und Chelle

und Chelle

Rebecca aka Vollkornbroetli accepts small graphic jobs, such as the design of logos, stage sets or lanterns for the “Basler Fasnacht”. The artist loves design and digital media.

Especially for the FANTASY BASEL, she brings some of her latest works on current, socially critical topics. Also, she is currently working analogously with ink on Tarot cards. You will find the deck at her shared booth with colleague Michelle alias Chelle.

Michelle accepts small assignments and works on her own projects. She designs stickers and postcards on her laptop. But in 2020, she wants to offer more than just stickers …

Lord Gibson

Lord Gibson

Lord Gibson works internationally as a designer, illustrator and freelance artist. With Scottish descent from the clan of the Buchanans, born in Zimbabwe, grew up in South Africa, Thailand as well as Germany and now resident in Switzerland for 10 years, Lord Gibson draws from numerous sources of inspiration. 

Combining film stills, design and history, and the combination of oil painting and digital techniques, he has developed a unique visual language.

Wizarding Manufacture

Wizarding Manufacture

Have you ever wanted a personal wand? 

You don`t have to travel all the way to Diagon Alley to Ollivander`s. At Wizarding Manufacture, which Florian Aerni and Alejandro Rold have been running for two years now, you will find handmade, high-quality wands of all kinds. They are all based on various types of wood. 

Enter the world of Harry Potter and meet Florian and Alejandro at their magical booth. They are looking forward to your visit!

Winter Shonen Series

Winter Shonen Series

Benjamin has two major projects in progress. One is a collection of manga shonen and seinen focused, black and white pencil portraits of more than 60 characters from 25 different mangas, both recent and old school. 

The other project is turned towards Japanese folklore, through colorful watercolors revisiting the symbols of Japan staged as stained glass. He will present the originals as well as prints of his creations.


Treecer is a creative team from Zug, consisting of Marc Dür, Samuel Luterbacher and Elio Reinschmidt. They are delighted to present their card game “Darwin’s Choice”. The cards of the game were illustrated by Rozenn, who is also part of the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con with Buttercup Zine.

With the animal encyclopedia and dinosaur expansion now available for the first time, the successful story is perfectly rounded off!

Wolka Art

WolKa paints animals, portraits and scenes in bright colors, mainly digitally or with oil. Influenced by the fantastic, she tries to express nostalgia, melancholy and hope through her art. The style of the artist is a mixture of realism, manga and anime.

At the booth of WolKa you can buy posters and postcards or watch her live drawing. In addition, you can already get an exclusive insight into the online comic “Der Sohn des Lichtes”. Stay tuned!