Hall 2.1, Booth 337


Rinaldo Somaini, the props collector and owner of one of the biggest collections of original movie props and costumes of Switzerland and Europe – the Someprops Movie Collection – opens its treasure chest fo the visitors of the FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con.

His exhibition with selected exhibits will impress all movie fans!
The exhibition contains numerous pieces from the history of film. From swords from different action and fantasy films to costumes and stunt weaponry from the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy Returns or Men in Black to other original props from movies like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Batman, it’s guaranteed to have something from every genre.
All the pieces are originals and were used in the movies and they were all hand made by the prop departments of the particular studios. Such authentic film props are seen today as art („Prop Art“). In the age of computers they are mostly witnesses of a dying craftsmanship. All the reason more to present these items.

We thank Rinaldo Somaini for the exhibition and his great support of the FANTASY BASEL Teams!