Hall 2.0, Booth 196

Web: abbas-it.com | computer-designer.com

Ali Abbas has spent his earlier years in Asia, where he picked up the art of recycling and making do with less while making more of it. This DIY mentality has driven him all his life, and in the last decade he has made it to the top of the computer designing scene worldwide.
He has won just about every contest, competition, and championship he ever participated in, giving him 49 international awards, amongst which are 30 championship titles, 12x German champ titles and the first and only world record case mod too.
He loves taking things to the next limit of design, just to push that limit once again over and over again. Even his latest creation which is a fully automated desk in and called « ARMAGEDDON » cast iron style that just won the German championship is beyond this world. He now makes incredible machines for the industry, the media, privates, and anyone who wants what he calls « A part of my sick imagination ».

At the moment, he is finishing a computer for Microsoft and Nvida based upon the « MS-GEARS OF WAR 4  » online game, which he will unveil and present for the first time at the FANTASY BASEL.