FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con
Comic author Enrico Marini designs the poster for 2018

Comic artist Enrico Marini is one of the most talented and well-known French-speaking comic writers of today’s scene.

Especially with the series “The Scorpion” (2 million albums sold worldwide) and “The Eagles of Rome” (more than 500 000 copies), he has gained fans, not only in Switzerland but also in France, Germany and Italy, his country of origin. This year, he crosses the Atlantic with a superhero: he illustrates two new Batman comics for DC Entertainment, which will also be released in the United States. In Europe, the comic books are published by two major publishing houses, Dargaud for the French version and Panini for the German version. “Batman – The Dark Prince Charming” Volume 1 is already on the market, the sequel will be released in spring 2018.

Being a writer, draftsman and colourist, Enrico Marini is the first artist of the so-called “Franco-Belge” comic strips, to take up on the challenge of drawing the character of Batman as well as realising his own vision. FANTASY BASEL -The Swiss Comic Con had the honour of having this talented artist creating the newest edition of their visual. In fact, he was asked to not only create the poster of the exhibition, but also the visual of the digital advertising campaigns of the event. His works will also be presented as part of the exhibition. On site, Enrico Marini will be signing comic books and presenting his work to the visitors. The organisers are delighted with this cooperation: “We are very happy to have won Enrico Marini, one of the most talented artists in the field of realistic comic strips, for our 2018 visual!”

Note: Artwork Copyright: TM & © 2018 DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.


FANTASY BASEL – The Swiss Comic Con, the poster for 2018

Comic author Enrico Marini / “Batman – The Dark Prince Charming” Volume 1

Teaser-Video: “Batman – The Dark Prince Charming”